True story....

It was another snow day in Norwood, MA. A 5 year old child has just pulled his twin brother's hair over another heated and riotous G.I Joe play session. The assaulted child begins to cry and the hair puller is sent to his room to reflect upon what he's done. The silence of this war's aftermath soothes the parents' ears. But soon… gently wafting from the convicted offender's bedroom… a soft, strange melody begins to permeate the kitchen. The curious parents make their way down the hall and quietly listen at the recently incarcerated child's door. That's when they heard it. It was unmistakable… the Blues. The child was singing the blues. This little 5 year old middle class white Irish/Catholic boy from Boston was throwin’ his woes down in song. Where it came from, they could not say. But it was the beginning of what was to be a long and varied musical journey.

Geoff's journey began at the age of 14 when his love of singing and acting led him to the stage where he booked his first professional acting job with a theatre in Boston. He went on to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and soon found himself performing on theatrical stages all over the country as well as at home in NY.

He loved listening to everything from country to gospel to rock to blues but never thought he could sing that sort of music himself. But then a workshop production of a new musical required him to sing Country Music. A storyteller at heart, he connected deeply with the "truth" behind Country Music lyrics. He then had a lifetime's worth of Country Music education in about 3 months when he immersed himself in everything he could find… from the classics to contemporary. He started performing with a band and the experience of performing on stage without a character to play was both frightening and intoxicating. "I learned so much about myself in that time period. It was like a rebirth of sorts. And I just started writing about all of it". He eventually found his way to Nashville to record some demos and fell in love with the city. He soon realized that's where he had to be so he bought a car, packed everything he could fit and moved there about a year and a half ago… and hasn't looked back since.

He just finished his first full length album entitled "Breakline". It's soulful, it's dramatic, it's honest and it's fearless… four words that would describe Geoff to a T.

"I didn't want to come here and make another pop country album. I love that stuff, but it wouldn't be honest of me. I love Motown, I love STAX, I love Blues, Gospel, Southern Rock. That's all in there. And it all somehow makes sense together".

If you need a genre you can call it East Coast Southern Soul. Or you can just call it good old infectious fun. It's the sort of music that defies you NOT to tap your toe or shake that booty – the kind that you can't get out of your head. But then again… why would you want to?

God Bless, Namaste